The brains (and babes)
behind Boss Up Media
and Boss Up Academy

Masters of Digital Feng Shui

Our business journey and powerful partnership began in 2015.
Following our shared desire to create more freedom, service, and
purpose in our lives, we started with a little podcast that grew into
a coaching business, online academy, and digital marketing agency
based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

We’ve been geeking out on all things digital media for as long as
we can remember and nothing brings us more joy than applying
and sharing what we learn with our clients and students. In our
many years of learning, teaching, coaching, and creating, there is
one thing we know for sure - creating the business and life of your
dreams requires equal parts inner and outer work.

We need both soul alignment AND strategy to feel truly fulfilled. We
may have a meaningful mission, but without strategy and structures
in place, we can’t amplify our message and impact. Sales funnels and
marketing blueprints are essential, but without clarity, confidence,
or joy in our heart, they will only lead to burnout and misery.  

That is why, at Boss Up Media, we help heart-led individuals and
organizations increase their impact in the world by bringing the
humanity back to the digital world. We focus on both the inner and
outer work it takes to master and leverage this new world of digital
marketing, online sales, and global communication. We empower
our clients and our students to leverage technology to create more
ease, joy, and human connection in their lives.

Want more Kimi + Pua? Check out our Podcast!

Digital Media Solutions for Heart-led,
High Impact Humans

At Boss Up Media, we deliver V.I.P. digital
media solutions specializing in custom websites,
online courses, membership sites, graphics,
copywriting support, and email marketing
designed to impress, inform, and convert.
Our full-service digital media solutions are
designed to streamline your online presence,
digital marketing, sales process, and expansion
so that you can serve more clients and
customers without ever compromising your
authenticity and integrity of service.
digital media package includes business
mentorship and strategy consultation, email
marketing, copywriting, and graphic design
support to help you amplify your message,
achieve consistent branding, reach the right
audience and make your life easier.





























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