Productivity for [BADASS] Entrepreneurs


This course is not just about getting more sh*t done. This is about creating new habits and processes that allow you to work smarter, not harder, and optimize your time and energy so that you are getting the RIGHT sh*t done. This is about doing LESS so that you can live more, serve more, and live the life you desire and deserve.


⚡️Proven Productivity Strategies

Learn the productivity strategies that we've taught our clients for years. From personal and professional development to executive leadership coaching to business coaching, Kimi and Pua have delivered these strategies and watched their clients create more time, energy, and money to create the freedom and abundance they desire and deserve. Now YOU can learn these strategies, too!

⚡️Get Clear on Your Big Vision 

If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. In this course, you'll find the clarity and alignment you need to understand your Big Vision and design everyday to get you closer to your dream life.

⚡️Weekly Planning

Get access to Kimi and Pua's signature weekly planning system, designed to keep you on track and in alignment with the goals and vision you have for your business and your life. A complimentary e-copy of the BLE Digital Weekly Planner is included in this course!


Fall back in love with your schedule by implementing practices and processes to dictate how you spend your time, rather than letting others dictate your schedule for you.

⚡️Prioritize Like a Boss

Prioritization can make or break your productivity! Learn how Kimi and Pua get the right sh*t done to consistently move their business (and their lives) towards their Big Vision!

⚡️Email Management

Get out of your email and go back to doing the things you love! Learn how to get to Inbox Zero, how to minimize the number of emails you get everyday, and joyfully manage your inbox so you can nurture your client relationships and never miss an important email ever again!

⚡️...and so much MORE!

This 10-module course delivers hours of productivity strategies, tips, tools, and resources to take your time and energy from Broke-ass to BADASS!  

Led by Kimi Morton and Pua Pakele + Cabot, founders of BLE Digital and the Broke-ass to Badass Podcast, bring you a series of online business courses designed for badass entrepreneurs to learn the strategies to build and scale their businesses without the typical struggle and hustle of business ownership. Kimi and Pua empower entrepreneurs everyday to work less, serve more, make more money, and create businesses and lives they love. Join the anti-hustle movement and go from Broke-ass to BADASS!


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